we were in Dalat. We left Mui Ne at 0730hrs and got to hotel in the afternoon. Well, it's almost our hotel. Dreams Hotel, the one I had booked via email was full but the owner had us in her second hotel, Dreams II Hotel. Everything worked out well and it's hard to argue with the price. Here's a photo of the gang sitting next to the Central Market. Not sitting for long though as any statue can be turned into a slide or jungle-gym of some kind.

A cool statue, I would like to know the story behind it.

We headed down to the lake for a nice lunch then wandered over to some green space to let the boys run around.

At $170US per night (not including additional charges) I'm pretty sure we won't be staying here. But it did have a huge property for the boys to run around on and they were moving fast enough that the snooty staff couldn't catch them. ;-)

Tomorrow morning I have a 4 hour mountain bike ride organized with a local tour company. It's pretty hilly here so it should be fun.


Jack said...

Hi guys! I'm kind of techno-challenged-haven't "blogged" before, so not sure if I should leave follow-up notes on the original post, or the latest one?Your patience is appreciated.
Re recce, thanks anyway,- realized bad timing almost as soon as I posted. Hope you get the hotel thing sorted.$170! Have you considered the "PH'n" Hotel in the pic above right,2nd down??Cheers,Stay safe
ps we're hunkered down here in YYJ for what the met guys are calling the worst winds ever forecasted for these parts...
pps the hotel pic was a test right?

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Jack,

Leave comments on which ever one you are reading, I get an email indicating you left one and I then publish as soon as I see it.

Yeah, the hotel mentioned (Dalat Palace) is certainly not where I would care to stay - regardless of price. The prevailing attitude was far to pretentious for my liking. I booked at "Dreams Hotel" before we left Canada and we are now staying at "Dreams II" as Dreams was full but Dreams II is owned by the same family. The owner (lady) has quite an interesting story and is very industrious. She actually owns three small family run hotels, slaughters pigs for the Central Market, trucks stuff around etc, etc. I would recommend contacting Dreams hotel via email and checking out availability. We are staying in a very nice room (all things considered - it's not the Empress) and with breakfast for the four of us we are paying $19US. She picked us up at the bus depot and has been very accomodating.

Aunty Irene said...

You are getting some great pictures, Shaun. I love the one of Keegan strutting and the boys being washed off. Might have to save those.

Hugs and kisses to everyone.

Jay said...

Well the town's name is Da ... Lot. ;-)

You have done well young Shaun, in towns named Da-Lat and Mooo-ney.

I am sure enjoying your blogs!

Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah, those are classics! Maybe have to show the getting washed off photos to their girlfriends when they are 16 - they'll love it. ;-)

Will let Doreen know you dropped a line.

Shaun Taylor said...

Good one Jay! I think we are heading to Kashizking next. ;-)