Dec 14, 2006

Beach life finale

So this is the conclusion of our Mui Ne adventure - good times. And if it seems like we have a Heineken in nearly every restaurant picture, we do, 'cause our trip is secretly being sponsored by them, hahaha. This little routine of washing sand off the boys became mandatory, at their request, even if it was imaginary sand on their hands or feet. Keegan would just stop next to the water dispenser and point at his feet until they got water poured on them. Of course there were times when there was a lot of sand in a lot of places. ;-)

Looking for a great cheap restaurant in Mui Ne, super cheap and unbelievable bang for the buck (I have some photos of their menu on the Flickr account - the Squid in Lemongrass and Chili was some of the tenderest I have ever eaten and check out the size of those BBQ'd Prawns. Couple of doors down from the Seahorse Resort.

While roaming along the strip we stopped in to a touristy shop to see what's what. The boys were quickly introduced to the hammock by the proprietor who proceeded to rock them back and forth while we wandered. One of the things we saw in the shop was this snake wine. I'm not sure if it cure's lumbago or gives you lumbago???

Our second last night we went to a restaurant that "only Vietnamese go to" or so we were told. We had some Blue Crabs steamed in Beer. We picked them out of large holding tanks and 10mins later they were sitting on our table. That crab meat was so sweet, it makes you realize how bland the imported crab meat is that we get in N. America. The same can be said for most things we are eating in N. America, I speak only for the regular produce you get in mainstream stores. Bananas - it's easy to forget what bananas are supposed to taste like, until you taste an intensely banana tasting banana. And so on and so forth, food here tastes great. Our last night we went back to Rung Forest, another great meal. For desert we stopped in to The Sailing Club Resort, on the way back to our hotel. A really interesting layout, quite upscale, nice desserts, beautiful wife. And so ended our Mui Ne journey...