Dec 9, 2006

The Beach

Yup, that's where we are staying, The Beach at the beach. A three star hotel that serves up a lot of family friendliness. The staff have been uber-friendly, my bar keeps getting raised on levels of friendliness and I am starting to lose perspective of the definition - all I will say is friendly over here puts the North American friendly to shame. Food: is really good for a hotel. Breakfast is a great buffet, everything from pho to omelettes to pancakes cooked to order, throw in pastries, fresh fruit, etc, etc, etc and you have a meal fit for a king. Location: is primo, pretty much a five minute walk from several great restaurants. It is located closer to Phan Thiet so you are away from the ruckus of the central portion of "Touristville". Easily a repeat performance if I had to do it all over again. This first photo is taken from the taxi as we leave Phan Thiet, it was like driving through a flock of white swans as we were surrounded on all sides by ladies on bikes in their white Ao Dai's. The other photo has us at only a minute or two inside the room and as you can see it is very comfortable, has great AC and we are right next to the pool.

Here's a photo of our bungalow during the day and one at night.

Speaking of the pool, how happy are these kids?

We are getting up pretty early due to the boys still doing a timezone transition, which works out just fine as we got to see this sunrise and play for a couple of hours in the sand before walking 100 feet back to the hotel's open-air restaurant for breakfast. The boys are still in their PJ's, how funny is that.

Sandcastles, crabs, ocean waves and a happy mom.


Jack said...

Very happy to see you guys safely through "Durian" and back with more insights and great photos. Like others, I'm addicted to this blog (got up 10 min ago,made coffee logged on...) Entertaining and very useful in tuning up the recce for our own Vn visit.Thanks again! We'll continue to follow with much interest. Cheers & stay safe
ps I'm guessing you're a former Patricia ?

nimbus said...

Awesome pix Shaun....looks like ya'll are having a great time so far. Keep on posting! (how is the internet access? Are you going to have it throughout your trip?). Are the photos going up easily on blogspot? (I've been slacking lately, but it wasn't working well a couple months back)...

Cheers! Keep having fun!! Hi to the fam!


Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Jack, you guessed right. Joined 1PP in Calgary back in '83 and then off to 2CDO then, back to 3PP in Vic, then off to JTF2. Left "The Teams" as a Warrant Officer. 13 years was enough.

Glad you are enjoying, let me know if there is anything in particular I can keep my eye out for.

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Nimbus, nice to hear from you. Internet access is killin' me at the moment - spotty at best. I was ahving a heck of a time with Blogger and uploading photos as the connection would drop and cause me to start all over again. I switched my photos over to Flickr Pro, unlimited amount of held photos, and a sweet tool to prep all your photos offline and once connected hit upload and it sends it as a batch, if the line drops you just pickup where you left off. For Internet I plan on updating the whole trip, pretty much everywhere has connectivity and I brought along a wireless card, if not then it is plug in to DSL. Sure am missing roasting up a good batch of coffee, that Kenyan sounds VERY interesting.