Dec 20, 2006

Blogging nonsense

I know the blog has been a bit sporadic but Blogger isn't working so well at the moment as they switch their service over from Beta to live. I'm frustrated I can't get the good word out. The post I just pushed up I can't see from this end of the world, so I hope it looks alright at your end. It has taken me two days to get this little bit up. I'm sure it will get better - I think.

As soon as I can see my own blogsite I will clean things up a bit. Uhmmm, sorry.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun. The blog looks great. You're keeping us educated very well. I'd often wondered how the silk got unwound in enough quantity to produce the massive amounts of silk production. Suprised there was no photo of the elephant's presents :) It was so nice to talk to Doreen and Evan yesterday. Love you all. RD

Jack said...

Must be frustrating. "Two million showerheads" came through (w/all the pics..) just fine
Cheers, Jack

Christine said...

I can see Balu's "presents" :-) in one of your pictures. Great pics as usual! I took a peek at your Flickr photos and the Hoi An hotel room looks even nicer than the ones on Thien Thanh's website. Makes me wonder if you guys are actually at the Thien Thanh Hotel? I'll wait for your posts on Hoi An...:-)

Btw, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

PS: I went to Golden Bell last Friday for "Banh Xeo". Let's just say it satisfied my craving for "Banh Xeo" but was not as good or authentic as ones in Vietnam or ones my mom makes. I liked its menu though. Will definitely come back.