Mango, pineapple, papaya, banana these are some of the faves. Throw the fresh fruit into milk add a blender and you have two very excited boys. Still there is a process involved... The Survey, followed by The Move in for a Sip.

The last two moves are simple, The Slurp and The Excited Sidelines. Evan gives it a slurp of approval while Keegan gets happy about his turn next.


Aunty Irene said...

Hi guys!

Those drinks and haircuts look great! I'm glad you are having a great time. We are counting down the days to Antigua -- sorry, no blog on our honeymoon.

Hugs and kisses to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen and Shaun. Grandma gave me your blog address a couple of days ago and I have read through it all. Looks like the boys are having a blast in Vietnam - I can't believe how big they are! After seeing all the pictures, I have now added Vietnam to my list of places I want to go.
Take care,

Jack said...

Fun and informative - incl your Flikr stuff! Re your "recce" offer , & ONLY if you happen to be up that way, could you scope out the Bon Bien &/or Vinh Suong Resorts (a la Hotels-in-Vietnam). We need a good place to hunker down during Tet (ie 13-22Feb 07 incl). Curious, however, based on your posts, we'll probably book The Beach.Thanks! Stay safe, Jack

bobbyk said...

forgot to mention...go see the water pupper show in hanoi (think there's only one place) kids will love it. also go to galleries. lots of good, cheap art. house good. great updates and stories.

Shaun Taylor said...

Hi everyone,

Nice to hear from you all. I will pass along messages to Doreen.

Jack, I missed you msg before we left Mui Ne and only saw it when we hit Dalat after an 8hr bus ride.

I only saw the properties you mention from the outside as I rode past them and couldn't give you a good opinion. I heard good things about "Sunsea" (I think that't the name) but it was through a local who had worked there for several months but had left to work in another field. Might be worth sussing out.

Hey Bob, thx for the update on the hacienda. For sure we will hit the water puppet show and we are planning on picking up some art in Hanoi. We also plan on getting you a gift while there, I was thinking some authentic wooden chopsticks with associated paper wrapping from a real hanoi restaurant - what do you think? ;-)