Dec 18, 2006

Hangin' in Nha Trang

Sorry this won't be much of a post as it has been a full day and the boys are due to go down right away. Promise to catch up on photos and stories from Dalat (Elephant rides and such) once we hit Hoi An tomorrow.

We left Dalat a day early and are overnighting it in Nha Trang. We took the bus which was nearly seven hours. Tomorrow we are in a taxi out to Cam Rahn Bay to the airport, then on a flight to Danang at noon and then taxi down to Hoi An. Which puts us into Hoi An one day early.

Will give more details over the next 24hrs. For now, things are going well, as per - having a great time!


Connie said...

What can I say but WOW! Sean you have created a truly beautiful blog. I'm so impressed with all your pictures ... award worthy.
Cheers to more wonderful adventures and meals....and maybe coffee..? Can't wait, all is well here, hi to all.

Jack said...

What Connie said!
Cheers, Jack