Dec 4, 2006

Morning breakfast

We woke up to a bit of rain and grey skies this morning. Here's a couple of photos taken while we sat on the sidewalk eating an additional breakfast (after the very simple breakfast at our hotel) from "Pat a Chou" a nice little French bakery on Hai Ba Trung (highly recommended at 40,000 Dong, that's less than $3 Cdn, for a nice sandwich, a chocolate eclair and a large chocolate doughnut for the boys to share). Things have cleared up a bit now and we are going to walk over to the Ben Thanh market, maybe check out a couple of street vendors and I'm going to start eyeballing the prices on t-shirts (I do luv a good t-shirt). Doreen has a park in mind for the boys to run around in. Not sure what's on for the late afternoon other than a late nap for one or more of the fam. I'm trying to pin down our transport from HMC City onwards to Mui Ne with Sinh Cafe via an A/C bus. Sent an email to them an hour ago, no answer yet, might call them this afternoon. If that doesn't work there's always the train. ;-)