Dec 11, 2006

Net fishing

Early one morning we were watching some of the locals pull in some nets just in front of our hotel. It was a pretty interesting scene, a large net with two lines running off it, pulled simultaneously by two teams in order to draw in the fish.

The catch wasn't very large and I didn't stick around too long to get photos of it since the net pulled in a lot of jellyfish, which I noticed when my ankle started stinging. Fortunately it didn't hurt too much and the irritation was gone in an hour.

In keeping with an ocean theme for this post, the sand in front of our hotel is really quite nice. I have been on nicer sand in the Caribbean but this stuff makes for great sand castles and that's all that counts - right? ;-) This other photo, taken at sunrise, is of a vessel used by local fishermen. It looks like a coracle though I'm not sure what it is called over here.

These two photos could be in any tropical paradise. Nice!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun and family. Good posts -very informative. Glad to see you got the bike time in. Evan and Keegan are going to find jumping on the couch a real drag now. Not to mention their new menu standards. They will have to go from sandcastles to snowforts upon return. Hi Doreen. Have you been scouting engineering jobs ? Is it possible work has never crossed you mind? Hope so !! Love, RD

Shaun Taylor said...

Hi Ruth,

The only engineering Doreen has done involves seashells and sand. ;-)

Oh yeah, we are screwed when we get back. My breakfast just won't be able to compete and I may have a coup on my hands, haha. Say hi to everyone for us.