Dec 15, 2006

Nice ride

I got a good ride in this morning with the guide from Phat Tire. We were out for three hours and I got to ride ahead of him to hit it hard at times. My Suunto says we did 1600' vertical gain and I managed some pretty good high points on my heart rate. I felt great, the 5600' altitude that the ride is sitting at didn't seem to have any effect on my percieved effort so I was pretty happy about the way I was riding. I'm organized to head out with him again on the 17th to an area called Tiger Falls, hopefully for four to five hours. It's a new trail they have just put together and he's only ridden it four times before but he says its the hardest they have in Vietnam. I'm really looking forward to it. While I was riding, Doreen and the boys went out to a nice Flower Garden which had tons of flowers and a maze for the boys to run around in, she says they had a great time.

Tomorrow we're going out for the day with a driver to check out the outlying areas; hopefully to get the boys on an elephant ride, see some pagodas, silkworm factory, waterfalls, etc - you know all the normal things you would do in Calgary of course. ;-)

Tonight we went out to V's Cafe, which was very good food and very good prices. The boys are having a bath right now while I blog-up and get the next leg of our journey on to Hoi An ready to go. Hi to everyone, having a great time over here!


Freosheila said...

Rather than being an anonymous lurker on your Blog, I thought I'd leave a comment on how much I'm enjoying your family's adventures in Vietnam. My husband and I are planning our first trip to VN in March/April 07 and I was alerted to your Blog via the Vietnam Tourist forum. We are fit fifty year old from Fremantle in Western Australia.

Your boys are adorable and they seem to be having so much fun as do you and your lovely wife. Hope you continue to share your travels with us.

I look forward to your impressions of Hoi An and Hanoi.