SO I figured out my problem with Blogger. Thanks to all those who posted up to let me know it was working "out there".

It seems that Vietnam has an on again off again love affair with certain blog-like software solutions. My inability to see my blog started when we hit Hoi An. It's hard to put together a post and edit it without actually seeing the end results. It turns out that the ISP here in Hoi An is probably blocking blog-sites as I can't see any blog site - ANY! Therefore, I came up with an ingenious solution as a workaround (I won't reveal the solution but it does require a "Romulan cloaking device"). So now I can see my blog and and any other blogs. Hopefully this won't be a problem in Hue. Word to the wise, if you plan on blogging over here make sure you have some tricky-dicky Information Technology tricks. ;-)

So, now it's back to the blog-nificent blog-o-rama.


jack said...

Great news Shaun. Blog away! Flog "them"!
Stay safe, cheers, Jack

Phil said...

Hi there
Just had to say I am really enjoying your blog, got the link thru trip advisor keep up the good work and have a merry christmas.



Jack said...

Hi again. Thought you guys (and all the ghost readers... near and far from home, might enjoy this "card").
Merry Christmas,and stay safe,
Jack & Katie
we were reminded again yesterday just how precious life is and how blessed we are...our son-in-law arrived home safely from Afghanistan yesterday, but we lost a dear friend,42 year old mother of 4, in a traffic accident - she was cycling home after work.