Dec 31, 2006

Still kickin'

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't posted up anything in a few days. Everything is going well. We are in Hue at the moment and we are looking forward to Hanoi tomorrow.

In case you didn't see the news wherever you are, there was a 7.1 Richter Scale earthquake just off the coast of Taiwan. It cut six of the seven major fiber optic feed underwater cables effectively taking most of Asia back to pre-Internet days. Email and Website traffic was destroyed for a few days and it is only now that I can finally post up to Blogger.

We are heading over to Dong Ba Market (central market here in Hue) right now but when I get back I will make an effort to catch everyone up on the adventures (I'm so far behind it's starting to feel like a big homework assignment).

See you in a little while. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun and Doreen. Very glad to see your post. I thought you'd have run into net problems, but you'd be having a great time. What a great vacation to start 2007! Almost all is well here - see new e-mail. Dad and I want to wish the four of you the best 2007 that you can imagine!
Love always, RD