Dec 6, 2006

Trains are cool

Now that was a highlight. If you are thinking about traveling to Vietnam and aren't too sure about taking the train - think again. It was a blast! I have Martin at Tonkin Travel out of Hanoi to thank for grabbing me tickets muy rapido and getting them delivered to our hotel in Ho Chi Minh City in muy, muy rapido fashion. I'll get into the details on flooding, unscheduled bus trips, street Pho for breakfast at 0600hrs and the generosity of our fellow Vietnamese travelers, sometime tomorrow morning (our morning). It's time to put the boys down and finally catch up on some sleep myself. I'll leave you with these two classic moments I captured on the train trip.

Oh Yeah, The Beach Resort hotel is perfect.


domestic rat said...

Now that reminds me of trains in China which is why the locals used to 'suggest' to me to never wear open-toed sandals cos you never know when the toilet is flooded!

Shaun Taylor said...

Nice! Guess it pays to hit the bathroom early in the trip. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of some bathrooms in China.
I have those same shoes... they're great!
-coffeeguzzler from GCBC

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey coffeeguzzler, good to hear from the coffee "homies". ;-)