We headed over to the Museum of Royal Fine Arts. Once again the boys had fun doing and seeing things that are out of the ordinary. Like climbing a cannon! We spent quite a long time in this central courtyard area, there were a lot of things to check out.

I like this next photo. If you look closely (or click on the photo for a larger image) you will see the snail. An unmoving snail on an unmoving statue. This other photo just seems to speak "Ageless wisdom".

Well, it's getting late and that's about as much catching-up-the-blog as I can do for one night as it's pretty late. We just got back from Halong Bay this afternoon and only have three more days left in Hanoi before we fly back to Canada. Hope to get the blog caught up before we leave (finger's crossed). Sorting through the Halong Bay photos (a ton) is going to a chore but I will put another late night in tomorrow - till then...