Jan 3, 2007

Christmas Eve

A desperate bike rider will resort to any measures to get a ride in. Here's a photo of me about to ride to Danang (approx 30kms away) on Christmas Eve, on a single speed hotel bike. I adjusted the seatpost as high as it would go and it was still way too short, the chain skipped on every fourth revolution and generally it was in pretty rough shape. Still, I got to ride for two hours.

Our hotel pulled a class-act. They threw a hotel Christmas celebration, to include a pile of local speciality food, drinks and presents - free. The hotel owner is a great lady and treated all the guests so well. The staff worked hard to make sure eveything was perfect. I got conned into the role of acting as the evening's master of ceremonies, not so hard, I rehearsed my speech while riding along China Beach on the way back from Danang. I'm sure the locals must have thought I was mad as I practiced out loud the pronunciation for Thien Thanh Hotel while cycling by other local cyclists. After the party, the boys got to unwrap some presents Doreen had grabbed nearby. The blow-up dinosaurs were a big hit. The cheap little remote control cars didn't last long, that might have had something to do with Evan directing his down a flight of stairs. You should have seen the look on his face.

All in all, it was a very good day.