Jan 10, 2007

Enough about food...

What else is going on in Hanoi? Lots. There are a couple of things you notice right away, while wandering around. The insano traffic, primarily motorbikes. Not as bad as Saigon but with the streets being narrower here in the Old Quarter, it feels pretty packed. You certainly have to be aware of whats going on around you and you have to use "The Force" when crossing roads - timing is everything.

Constuction, yup, I'm sure it's all to code. ;-) Check out this guy just across the street from our current hotel hanging one handed from a three storey roof so he can drill in some tin for a new roof extension. The Old Quarter is amazing, to understand it you have to walk it's streets. We have been walking them for several days and it's a new discovery every five minutes. So much to see in such a small area. We have read that there are parts of the Old Quarter that are the most densely populated in all of Asia. The Old Quarter is highly recommended.