We went to this small family run cafe quite a few times - Cafe 43. It was down a back alley just across from Evan's favourite ice-cream vendor which he and I found on a "super-duper adventure". For 3000 Dong (that's 20 cents) he was in ice cream lollipop nirvana. Anyway, back to Cafe 43, super cheap and really great food. I would head there for a coffee in the late morning with Evan and Keegan, while Doreen was hitting the Hoi An tailors.

I highly recommend this place to anyone else hitting Hoi An. Anyone we mentioned it to always did repeats and it wasn't unusual to bump into the extended group of our travelling friends at Cafe 43. Great little diamond in the rough.

By the time we were ready to leave Hoi An, the boys had sat in the family's living room watching TV, had run around in the kitchen and had shared ice cream's with the little girl of the family. They had been adopted. Here's a farewell group hug.