Jan 18, 2007

Good to be back

Yup, we've been back about a week and the blog has been suprisingly quiet. We have been suprisingly tired. ;-)

Keegan has decided that he really likes operating on Vietnam time which means at the stroke of midnight he wants to run around like it's noon. That leaves a sleepless night for someone, other than Keegan. He's coming around a little now but there's still a few more sleepless nights ahead of us I'm sure. As you can see, a guy's gotta catch 40 winks whenever he can.

Vietnam was great but it's fantastic to be back. Just going for a little walk with the boys, at the back of the house, with views of the mountains and fresh air and no honking motorbikes - luxury.

Doreen is off work this week as her project has yet to be awarded, she expects to start next week. In the meantime we are both enjoying the ability to get some good workouts in. My calendar shows the 24 Hours of Adrenalin Solo race as six months away, yikes! As soon as we got back I did an analysis of all the training I did over in Vietnam versus the projected training I would have done if we hadn't gone and it looks like I lost about three weeks of fitness. I guess that's not so bad considering we were gone for over six weeks. Luckily I didn't gain any weight which makes things a bit easier. Lots of CompuTrainer in the basement and I'm glad for it.

I will leave the introspective blogging for later. Vietnam was quite an experience, not one that can me squished into a little post like this, so expect more thoughts on Vietnam in the near future. Till then...


Gobs said...

I'm sure you were excited to get back to your machine, pull a few shots and plan for the next rosting dates.

Shaun Taylor said...

Very happy Gobs!!!

I have 20lbs of Idido Misty Valley enroute from GCBC, its supposed to be an awesome green.

Something that has really cuaght my attention is the inverted poly filter Aeropress, you will have seen it discussed over on coffeegeek. I've never tasted anything like it - it's amazing what you can do with the inverted poly.