Jan 10, 2007

Great Hanoi Food

Hanoi lies head and shoulder's above Hue when it comes to food. Particularly the street food scene, there's loads of options down every street and I want to try most of them out. Still, with the boys, it's not always wise to squat down on a little red plastic stool and start sampling the roasted dog (when you see the little roasted tail and little roasted head with the lips curled back and canine fangs in a half grin you just don't forget it very easily). Mainly we have done quite a lot of "real" restaurants with some street food thrown in on occassion. This first photo is a burger Doreen tucked into at "The Kangaroo Cafe", one of the few western restaurants we have eaten at during the entire trip, she reported it as tasty. This other photo is from "Cha Ca La Vong".

La Vong, is an institution in Hanoi. Apparently a fifth generation family owned spot, they say it's the oldest restaurant in Vietnam. This dish cooks at your table and comes with noodles, lots of herbage, sauces and such. In the pan you get dill, fish, various other greeneries and lots and lots of flavour! Goodle it.

"Baguette and Chocolat" another classic. Looking at this photo makes me want to run over to this bakery right now and I'm not even a desert guy. The bakery acts as a conduit for disadvantaged kids who need a helping hand. Quadruple thumbs up for the little choco-coco number, it's wickedly addictive. We've been there three times.