Jan 11, 2007

Heading for Halong Bay

I was lucky enough to contact Martin and his wife Ly while we were in Canada. They own Tonkin Travel (a company here in Hanoi) and they helped us organize a tour to Halong Bay amongst other things. They got us a great rate on a Halong Bay junk called "The Ginger". Recognized as the best boat on the bay, we hadn't planned on a boat as nice as this but in the end we decided to go for it. It was nice, really nice, really, really nice. What's Halong Bay? Well, you know the answer - Google it. ;-)

The boat was stellar, service was top notch, the food was incredible. We had a cabin with two large windows, the boys just sat there and stared out the window. Wonder what was going through their heads.

The food. Worth the trip just for the food! You should check the Flickr account for the Halong Bay photos to eyeball the food, wow!

Here's a couple of photos of our junk. Halong Bay, upscale.

We were inside caves, cool. The boys woke up to this view outside their bedroom window, very cool.

Is it a wedding or a meal setting? Pretty fancy that's for sure. Wow. Check out the view from this mountain top view. There were mountains like this surrounding our boat - all, the, time.

Halong Bay was a highlight location.