I should mention our first hotel in Hanoi - the "Heart Hotel". I had booked this hotel in Canada for a three night stay, based on their website and several comments on the various Internet forums. Turns out nobody mentioned the hotel was located next to the loudest disco in Hanoi. Yikes!

The techno started blasting just before six in the evening and our "Deluxe - Cityview Room" which was on the second floor facing the apartment just across the street (close enough to hit across the street with a watermelon seed if I spit hard enough) was rockin' da hizzy-house. No kidding, I could put my hand lightly on the leg of my shorts and the material was vibrating to the bass beat. The keys on the laptop were rattling slightly. Doreen and the boys were all feeling sick from Hue and they were all snoring by nine, which left me to ppppp-hartaaayyyyy by myself till after one in morning. Can you imagine your bed in the middle of a disco? Now throw a couple of sheets over your head so you can't really understand the lyrics but still get the enjoyment of the bass-note punches. I'll take a pass on that one and ask for a refund. And so we moved on to the hotel we spent the rest of our Hanoi visit in - the "Quoc Hoa", certainly more expensive but ahhhhhhhhhhh, sleep, lovely peaceful sleep.