What's the first thing we noticed about Hue? The raptor-like teamwork of the Cyclo-Drivers upon seeing our family. After seeing the major cities running from south to north (we are in Hanoi right now and the Cyclo's up here are tame in comparison) there is no doubt that Hue is the reigning champion of Cyclo-relentlesness.

We only went on one tour with a couple of Cyclo-Drivers, we ran a hard but fair bargain on the pricing (they have lots of tricks up their sleeves so you have to be very clear on the deal up front) and when we parted ways three hours later they tried to renegotiate. It's a tough way to make a living, cycling tourists around but I stuck to the fair deal. Cyclo or CEO, what's right is right - it's about the principle. The deal aside, it was a good way to spend some time moving around Hue.

We went all around the Citadel and into the Forbidden Palace. There is so much history here I couldn't even begin to attempt a history lesson.

Even without the history lesson it's pretty obvious there is a lot to try and take in during such a short period of time.

Even the boys had lots to see and do.

And really, who doesn't like feeding massive goldfish (or Koi, I'm not sure) for 2,000 Dong.

Can you imagine walking up this entryway, many years ago. Impressive!


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