Jan 1, 2007

Ice cream delight

Hot day, old town, cold ice cream

After the dairy-treat we loaded up in a cyclo and I got to sneak in a workout (Doreen's idea) by bicycling Doreen and the two boys around the town for nearly an hour. The cyclo driver perched himself on the back fender for the ride, he got to laugh a lot and practice his left's and right's. That's the first time I have cycle-powered five people.


Jack said...

Hi again. Happy New Year! We (& I'm sure many, many others) are glad to see you back.
Sorry about the "homework" feeling-now you know how Frankinstein's daddy felt....
Cheers, stay safe

Anonymous said...

Hi. I think Keegan should be in advertisments for ice cream. That pucker tells a whole story of flavor, texture and cool yummy. The day you guys are comming home a cold front (-22C) is expected. Could you manage to bring some good weather back with you? Grandpa's ready to play trains with Evan and Keegan. Love, RD