One afternoon we decided to explore the outskirts of Hue. We grabbed a car and driver and ended up at a lake with a few attractions around it. The centerpiece was this crazy looking Dragon. I thought it was a bit cheesy but the boys loved it and that's all that counts. You could climb inside the Dragon and go all the way to the top for a viewpoint across the countryside (Standing in the Dragon's mouth). Going down into the Dragon's belly you could see a collection of tropical fish in some well maintained tanks. We spent quite a bit of time down there while the boys oooooohed and aaaaaahed over the large sea turtles swimming around.

For some reason they both REALLY enjoyed this concrete car. Keegan was in tears when he had to leave it. He was really loving the steering wheel action, which is ok, 'cause his Grandpa has promised to buy him his first car - Thanks George. ;-) (Inside joke and George knows he doesn't have to buy a car, well not an expensive one anyway, haha).


Anonymous said...

Grandma already has two cars which will magically appear at the airport! Love Grandma

Christine said...

Hi Shaun.
Can I buy Evan a new shirt? He's a very cute boy but please don't let him wear that "ugly" blue shirt again :-) :-) He needs a red one with a little "C" on it :-)
Enjoy your last few days in Vietnam!