I have done about 15 posts from this little Internet cafe. Wireless, good food and groovy tunes. We fly at midnight and got kicked out of our hotel at noon. That left a bunch of hours to kill at this cafe, hoping they let the boys catch a nap while not scheming to evict us. We bought a pile of food and drinks as payback. They didn't give us the boot, so thanks for that.

I got to pull a shot (the grind was set for a two second pull, oohhhhh myyyyy) and steam Doreen's milk for her latte (one of the nastiest steam wands I have seen, but hey I'm a coffee snob). I shouldn't complain too much, at least they let me behind the machine and they are a great crew.

So this is probably the last post till we get back to Canada 30 hours from now. See you then. ;-)


Christine said...

Kudos to Shaun - the King of all Bloggers :-) :-)

Jack said...

Welcome Home!

we're on countdown! Launch from YYJ 25Jan-RTU 9Mar and are very grateful for the generous insights to your adventure(hotels,grub,tours,coffee et al)!

tracey waring at noosa_blue150@hotmail.com.au said...

so sad that your trip has ended and the vn blogs are over - I have really enjoyed reading your accounts of your trip! many thanks
Noosa_blue from Oz

Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks to all for the nice comments. It's good to be back but I'm already missing Vietnam. ;-)