Jan 11, 2007

Market food

Hungry, head to a market. After looking at really cheap pottery and buying some porcelain Christmas decorations, and a set of espresso demitasse and latte mugs we headed for the food area. ALong the way we passed by the associated cuts of meat, fish and what have you and for the first time in our trip I saw dog. That's right, cooked up like a roasted pig, there was the little doggie tail and that toothy canine teeth grin. Uhmmmmm, I'll pass. But this joint looked good and the old girl running the stall was pretty friendly. Banh Cuon Nong, super thin rice flour crepes steamed on a cool little stall-friendly device. They get stuffed with pork, mushrooms, onion then get fried onion chips tossed on top along with lots of fresh coriander.

Here's the steamer and the stall matron cutting up the little lovelies.

A heaping pile of chow (no offense to the roasted dog) for the wallet-friendly price of 10,000 Dong per head. Nice!