Jan 10, 2007

More Hanoi Food

We went to a groovy little place called "Chim Sau" where we were seated next to the shoe pile at the bottom of the stairs (you take off your shoes before you go upstairs) we sat on a large table raised about eight inches off the ground. That's right, sitting on the table with bare feet - so far, so good.

Grilled buffalo, glutinous rice, sweet and sour pork, fish in caramel sauce in claypot, the list goes on. The boys had a blast on the table. The funniest part of the evening occured as a big group came down from upstairs. One of the guys from the group, a Korean chap, explained they had a great time eating and drinking and the rice wine had been quite strong. Lots of photos with the boys, rubs, pats, sniffs etc. As the group was clearing out a couple of them came back and asked us if we were the owner's of the restaurant. Can you imagine? I know we looked pretty laid back and comfortable with our surroundings, but, the owner's! It must have been strong rice wine. ;-)

Here's a standard issue hole in the wall restaurant with associated sidewalk seating on the little plastic chairs (the red one's are my fave). For a bowl of broth, lots of noodles, bbq meatballs or bbq pork, some herbage and sauces at 10,000 Dong per, it was a pretty good lunch option.

Even when things look a bit dicey, which isn't a common occurrence, the fellas love their noodles. In this case they loved it all.

And what sidewalk lunch would be complete without a few eager onlookers wanting to set the boys up for some photos.

Street food, yum!