Jan 11, 2007

Museum of Ethnology

We hit the Museum of Ethnology. It is a great museum and highly recommended. Lots of things to look at, climb in and interact with. I would have loved to see this museum at the start of our trip to give things a bit more of an interesting perspective. Something I didn't have a very good understanding of but know a bit more about now is the period of history just before "Doi Moi" (ehrrrmmm, Google it). The rationing requirements and the process behind who got to consume what and how much, helped me to fill in a few gaps as I observe day to day life right now. I think there is carry-over from this period. Anyway, that is a whole other post and one I don't have time for at the moment since I am trying to push up as much of the Hanoi content while chilling here in a wireless Internet cafe, eating good food, drink coffee related products and working the espresso machine to make a latte for Doreen - more on that later. ;-)

Here is a very tall and extremely interesting ethnic house (one of several on the museum grounds that was dismantled in its provincial location and then transported and rebuilt by villagers from that particular provincial area). Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice. The level of craftsmanship was really impressive.

Yup, that's the boys surrounded by a Korean tour group having their picture taken along with the obligatory hugs, kisses and such.