Jan 10, 2007

New Year's Eve in Hue

That's right, we all spent New Year's Eve in Hue. Picking a restaurant was tough but I think we did all right. "La Carambole" was nicely decorated and had a great ambiance. Unlike some of the other places in Hue (namely the four and five star hotels which had outrageous prices for the evenings menu) this restaurant left it's prices intact. The food was good and the service also.

The staff loved the boys as you can see in this second photo.

Our hotel (Orchid Hotel) also looked after New Year's Eve with a personal touch. We were surprised to get a small cake, and the boys also got a couple of festive buns. The hotel also laid on some free snacks and some beer and wine, which we took part in later that night. Mr Dzung (the manager) spent the night making sure all the guest's glasses were always full. Nice!

With 2007 firmly in place it was time to head for Hanoi and Halong Bay - our last two stops in Vietnam.