Jan 25, 2007

Tower of Pillows

Evan is feeling a bit better this morning (he's had the sniffles) and after his favourite breakfast of toast, peanut butter and honey we had to build a fort using the couch pillows. Several forts later, we had to build the tallest tower "in the whole world". Check out the face on the second photo. ;-)

This photo is from yesterday, I had just finished an hour on the CompuTrainer (the pink Cannondale belongs to Doreen - ok!) so Evan and Keegan were keen to make sure I got lots of imaginary things to eat after my workout. I ate imaginary apples and corn and peanuts and etc, etc, it was so funny I had to go and get the camera. At this particular moment, Evan is giving me some "crabs and some lobsters and some crabs", hahahaha!!! If only he knew the next time he will be eating crabs and lobsters (similar to Vietnam) will be when he's paying for the cheque himself. ;-)

Well, I'm off to dive into a new batch I roasted up a couple of days ago; Brazilian Beccor lot 141, Mexican Oaxaca Finca El Olivo and Indian Mysore Nuggets all in a 40/40/20 split. Nicely taken into a hint of second crack. Yum, it should be a good mug before jumping on the bike. Good news on the OPV, it is being shipped up from the US for a reasonable price and should be here shortly. On other coffee news, Doreen has struck a deal with one of her close workmates to trade my roasted coffee for his homemade wine. He likes my espresso blends a lot, Doreen likes a nice glass of wine, I like to roast. Everyone wins.