Goda is really good food. It's expensive by local standards, still, as Doreen says, it's nice to treat ourselves every once in a while. Goda is a treat, certainly not a backpacker's dream. The food was some of the best we had in Hoi An and if you have the budget it's worth the trip. I recommend the set menus.

The squid was, I'm sure, the best I have ever eaten. We saw a new food preparation technique (tinfoil wrapped beef and other goodies, all cooked on the plate with what I can only guess was alcohol, causing the tinfoil to expand like tinfoil wrapped popcorn).

The fish was insanely good. And it's the little things that count, I mean look at that carrot. If you blow the budget on Goda you can always spend several days just eating baguette's like this place just across from our hotel. If you time it right, you can get them still hot. Baguette - 1000 Dong.