It has taken me quite a while to fix the "glitch" on this blog. All you Firefox browser users probably thought my layout was crazy while all the Internet Explorer users were oblivious to the problem. It's been on my list of things to do for some time but immersing myself in HTML code isn't really attractive. Well, "the glitch" is now fixed (as of last night) and both browsers can co-exist peacefully. ;-)

What's new on the blog today, haha. Well, I placed a Google Search button at the top of the page, unfortunately I was required to put a Google Adertisement in there also but I like the abilties that Google Search offers. Not too sure if I'm keen on the random "targeted" ads, no doubt they will be about poor quality coffee solutions (apparently the advertisements are placed in accordance to logical choices based on a keyword search of your blogs content) this will drive me crazy but I suppose that will be better than diaper ads, haha.

Here's an image of Keegan in the back seat of the Pilot yesterday while we were running errands in the -18 Celsius weather. Just before this was taken he was sulking because I left both of them in the Pilot for a minute, while I ran into Mountain Equipment Coop to return a malfunctioning Garmin Forerunner 305. I had to pull a few funny faces and do some animal noises to cheer him up. This one caught him as he moved from sulking to smiling - it's a classic look for him.