Feb 11, 2007

Are we in the Arctic?

Well, no we aren't but it sure feels like it at the moment. Could we see a little bit of light at the end of the deep-freeze tunnel, puhhllleeasssse.

We went swimming today, actually it was more like splashing around but there was a waterslide and the boys had fun. We hooked up with three other families at the pool and we all got together for lunch afterwards, it was a nice afternoon. Here's a shot of Evan now oblivious to me shooting (perfect) since I took so many photos. It was a hard photo to get with all the light streaming in through the window behind him. Its a super-tight crop, probably a 600% magnification from the much large original image. Even with his jacket and us ready to fo, Keegan was still trying to squeeze a little more "different toy's" time in.

This evening Dave and Amber dropped by for dinner and brought their 9mth old pup. It's easy to forget how goofy puppies are, Pico's puppyhood is well behind her. After dinner and some causal conversation, Dave jumped on the CompuTrainer for 15mins and hammered it. Here's a photo of Dave 5mins after his hard efforts. He's reaching for the balcony door hoping fresh air will help reduce the waves of nausea. The CompuTrainer = as much pain as you are willing to inflict on yourself. It shows no mercy. I like it. ;-)