Feb 28, 2007

Espresso and snow

Here's an image of an espresso I pulled a few days ago. I managed to capture a globule of espresso just striking the surface and starting to make an impression on it. I think it's pretty cool. And here is today's four ounce latte, with a twist. I steamed a large batch of milk to make the boys some hot chocolate and let the milk cool down a bit before resteaming the milk for my latte. The rosetta looked like it had potential but I'm not too happy about the big bubbles that formed immediately after the pour. Actually, it's probably one of my worst pours in two weeks.

Snow. More snow. Walking out to the Pilot with the boys a couple of days ago to go and meet Doreen for lunch and grabbed this image of Evan's footprints on the driveway. And just when you think you're going to get a break from it, you only have to wait a few hours and look waaaaayyyyy up. Will I ever get to ride a bike outside of our basement?


Nick Mitilineos said...

Hey Bro.

Family looks great.

Hope all is well.

Drop me a line via email...

Nick in Ottawa

Shaun Taylor said...

Nick! Nice to hear from you. I dropped a test email to a rogers and sympatico address I had, hope it's one of them. If not fire me a personal email at: