Never ending. The cold snap was supposed to break today but instead it's -24 Celsius right now. It's supposed to break Thursday, of course it was supposed to break yesterday and today, hmmmmmmm. I took a very cold coffee bean out to the mailbox today, to show how much snow we got over the last 24hrs (love shovelling the driveway). I figured maybe a coffee bean would help with the coffee mojo and ensure my Over Pressure Valve for the Brewtus II was in the mailbox. Apparently it worked, the OPV was in the box. Put that lucky bean somewhere safe. Maybe it went into this deelish Aeropressed mug of Sumatra Lintong Blue Batak - check out the oil on the surface from the inverted poly filter method and that's after a few sips.

This tree in the front yard is really getting some good coverage with the D200. It's got character.

While hooking the boys up with lunch, some movement caught my eye. A pile of birds flitting around in the backyard. I took about 10 images through the window, this cropped image showing the bird frozen in flight is pretty nice.


Anonymous said...

Great photos Shaun. Don't give the camera all the credit though.