If you're used to dropping by the blog and getting a decent amount of updates, you're probably wondering what the heck is going on. Well, I didn't get a writer's block, it was more of a photo block. I haven't been feeling the love for my point and shoot camera for quite some time now but six weeks in Vietnam really put me over the edge. While walking across a very long bridge over a large body of water in Hue I came quite close to seeing if it could float. As soon as we got back to Canada I switched into learn as much as possible about DSLR's and all things related to digital photography. Uhhmmmm, it's a massive area of research but I chipped away at it until I had a pretty good idea of what's what. When it came time to do something about it my camera-pain the point and shoot was happily replaced by a Nikon D200 body and a AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED lens

After shooting a couple of hundred photos, it looks like this camera is hitting a home run! My taste in photography may not be for everyone but I'm really enjoying the results.

It's hard to appreciate the quality of the photo's on this blog site, particularly with the conversion of quality from Flickr over to Blogger but I recommend you click on some of the photos to see the hosted photo over on Flickr. The file size isn't large as I have reduced their size from the original 17MB RAW images down to a fairly small JPEG file.

Shooting with this camera is like driving a very responsive race car. You can do so many things with it and create so many looks. I've already had a few high speed crashes but I'm learning from them. The shots keep getting better and better, I don't feel as limited, time to start working on my professional status. ;-)