Feb 12, 2007

Some tasty green

Here's Evan helping me unpack the Sumatra Lintong Blue Batak (Lake Toba area) green coffee beans. I got 10lbs of this green and I'm looking forward to playing with it. I won't be playing with the full 10lbs as I'm going to hook up my pal Shawn who just bought himself a roaster (Hottop) and needs some good greens. Speaking of good, for sure he's going to get some of the 20lbs of Idido Misty Valley Grade 1 FT Organic DP Yirgacheffe that is enroute.

Back to Evan, the funny thing about him unpacking the USPS envelopes, I didn't show him how to. Pulling the cardboard rip-tag (which I thought should be tricky for a kid) was old news to him, he just grabbed the envelope and unpacked it all by himself. That's pretty cool. Now if only he had grabbed the snow shovel this morning in the -19 Celsius and shoveled the driveway and sidewalk instead of kickin' it back and eating his breakfast. ;-)