The espresso OPV still isn't in from the US. It's not so bad I'm really happy with the Aeropress using the inverted method and 5mm FDA grade poly filter. The downside to waiting for the OPV, I'm brewing espresso blends in the Aeropress in anticipation of being able to pull them on the Brewtus II. This is a three bean blend - India Mysore Nuggets, Brazilian Beccor Lot 152 and Oaxaca Finca el Olivo, that Aeropresses as a robust mug (Indian content). Hope that OPV gets here soon so I can get back to roasting according to brewing style. The Aeropress sitting in the sun was patiently waiting for me to grab a photo before I hit it with an inverted poly filter press.

If there was ever any doubt about the abilities of freshly roasted coffee to produce lovely oils, look deeper into the Aeropress rabbit hole. ;-)


Anonymous said...

inverted method for the AeroPress, and a poly filter?? Do explain!
coffeeguzzler from GCBC

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey! Nice to see you drop in. Ohhhh, this process makes insanely good coffee. I can't really take credit for it as I bumped into it over on coffeegeek and then contacted Scott (Rasqual over on CG) to see about getting some of the poly, he kindly sent me up a sample. Drop him a line, he's also a member over on GCBC. He has a site up that explains the method extremely well. Highly recommended!!!

Shaun Taylor said...

Most annoying, the URL didn't show up very well, I will send it to you via PM over at GCBC.