I was cooking dinner and noticed this sunset through the window, so I grabbed the D200 and took about 10 shots towards the mountains playing with shutter speed, etc. It turned out really well I think. Beautiful colours and the glowing gold backlights on some of the clouds are amazing. If you could see the original sized image - which I was looking at just before shrinking it down to post to the blog - it would be hard to not say "wow". I kept the original sized file of course, think I might make a print of it.

Doreen asked me to send it to her work so she can make it her desktop wallpaper. I should sell it to her. ;-)

Standing on the back deck looking at the mountains


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun,
You need to start researching compitions to enter, or journals to submit to. That sunset with the mountians is a winner in my books. RD

Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks Ruth, now for sure I'm going to sell it to Doreen. ;-)

G2 said...

Very busy on weekends, summer time is hell on wheels. The place is amazing. Has to be seen to be appreciated. If you are ever going to stop by call me at home and let me know. 288-6799.I am currently searching for a part time gallery assistant. Let me know if there are any candidates out there. It's wonderful to see how happy all of your are and the photography is amazing.

Shaun Taylor said...

Haha, Gail, it's Calgary. Part time help... well you know.

We went out to a restaurant not too long ago and there were two signs on the door printed on 8.5x11 paper. One was offering part time or full time work. The other listed six or seven positions available, to include, driver, chef, waiter etc. I keep saying the busiest job in Calgary right now is the guy who makes the "Help Wanted" signs. ;-)