Mar 1, 2007

Checking in on mom

We stopped by Doreen's office to have lunch with her. The boys had fun checking out what mom does, they pretty much got most of her work done for her, including designing a bridge and cleaning up her budget.

It's hard to shoot in these kinds of settings - directly into a big window blasting in sunlight. And I didn't bring the flash. With some post-processing they turned out ok, all things considered.


Dawn said...

Once again, great pics Shaun. If the boys are ever tired of working at mom's office, send them over here...they can finish writing and sketching for me. Thanks for the likable!

Anonymous said...

I suggest you check out high dynamic range (HDR) photography to deal with the bright-window-dark-office problem. Shameless plug for my own blog: you can see some examples here .

Basically, by shooting bracketed RAW images (say, at 1/750 s, 1/200, and 1/45) you can use an algorithm such as Photomatix's to stitch them into an amazing shot. Impossible with kids, but I'm sure that a technical fix to hold children still for a minute is just around the corner...

- Samir

Shaun Taylor said...

Nice one Samir! I'm for sure going to check that solution out - now if I can just get Evan and Keegan to read your post and realize they have to stop moving while I try out HDR. ;-)

I slid over to your blog, great images from you trip. I'm envious.