Officially it was Keegan's b-day earlier in the week but we decided to set it up for this weekend - it's easier for everyone to make it, plus Grandpa can make it as it's his b-day too.
Bday cake

There were balloons, games and party hats.
Dancing party hats

Let's not forget about the story-time action.
Reading a book

Lot's of coffee and hanging out in the kitchen.

Food for the munchkins.
Kid's table

And the moment you've all been waiting for... blowing out the two candles.
Boys leaning in for the candle

And because you wanted to see the highlight of all things b-day, here's a crop from the photo above. Sorry about the focus, it's a bit off.
Candle smoke

Keegan got some cool presents, like this piggy bank. Next year I hope he gets a snow-shovel to help me with the driveway.
Piggy bank

Here's the two images that make me smile the most.
Bookends West coaster