Mar 18, 2007

Later that day

Later in the day we ended up at the park behind the house. Yup, that's Doreen in the background reading a newspaper.
Happy at the park

Evan and I went for a walk, or should I say I went for a walk and Evan went for a run. He now really enjoys sprinting up and down the pathway. The second image, showing Evan running the other way, had this anonymous jogger laughing as they both went opposite directions.
Evan running down pathway Evan running the other way

A timeless scene - a boy and his dog.
Boy and his dog

My way of stopping and smelling the roses; the camera makes me appreciate things I normally wouldn't have.
Leaning trees


Anonymous said...

Wow; what great shots. You really have a good eye for taking pictures. Awesome birthday party shots.... really, really nice. I'll bet you have a good camera, too! I have a relatively old Canon digital camera, 2 megapixel, but your shots have such great color and detail. What kind of unit do you have?
Also, whaddya think of the Galapagos coffee from Joe (have you had it before?) I'm on the fence about getting it. (And, if I get it, I think my wife will push me off the fence and get our house rekeyed...)

Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks, I really am enjoying this camera. It's a Nikon D200 and I use a Nikon SB-600 flash, together they make for a really powerful tool. It has made me take my photography much more seriously, though I'm still a full-on amateur. I've had it for just over a month and I'm starting to get a good feel for it, it was a good decision.

You know, I haven't tried the Galapagos coffee yet. I've read all the positive comments and I held off on buying it previously simply due to the pricepoint. In hindsight I should have bought a small amount earlier. This time it makes sense to buy some as I am getting it shipped up with the 10lbs of Ethiopian Longberry. In the big picture, the difference comes down to an extra $3.00 per lb above a regular offering. For $3.00 I want to try it. I can't wrap my head around paying for something like a Kona, I just can't justify it, same goes for any bean $7-8 per lb particularly when there's some great greens at less than half that price. I've never tasted anything from the Galapagos, even when I was in Peru, it's about time I checked out that little island.

Don't worry, there's some pretty good tips on the Internet on how to pick your own locks. ;-)