So here we are on day three in St George, Utah. Charles and I are down for some great mountain biking. The first day we went out was pretty crazy as we rode in one of the strongest headwinds I've been in. Winds so strong that they were actually blowing us off the trail. So far that's been the only glitch in the riding which has been a ton of fun. Since windy day one, we've done a few trails.

A good example of fun down here was this mornings 3.5hr ride up on Gooseberry Mesa. Starting from the parking lot we rode along the north and south trails, around Happy Canyon and generally moved all over the mesa. It's such a fun area, great power training punching up the slickrock, which acts just like a huge velcro strip and allows for some amazing climbing. We were riding with Dusty, one of the guys working at Desert Cyclery, he knows the area pretty well so that really helped keep the ride flowing.

Speaking of Desert Cyclery, the guys there are awesome. Andy has worked on my bike a couple of times and he knows his stuff, one of the best I've ever met.

Tomorrow we're going to hit Broken Mesa which is supposed to be a pretty tough ride, I'm looking forward to it. The legs feel pretty good and I'm starting to realize the positive effects of training on the CompuTrainer.

Two more days of riding and then it's back to Vegas to drop off the minivan and jump on a flight back to Calgary. I miss Doreen and the boys, it will be good to see them. But while I'm down here, it's all about eating the cheapest Mexican food we can find and getting in some quality rides. And there's no shortage of quality riding. Nice.