The boys and I headed out to Kananaskis Country just over a week ago for a walk in the mountains. It was a pretty cold day so we didn't go too far into the backcountry. We drove out to highway 66 towards Elbow Falls until we hit the closed barrier.

Essentially the highway gets locked up from December to May, so we had this wide open snowy highway to walk down with nothing but animal tracks, cross-country ski markings and a vehicle in the distance. Without a real plan, other than not to get too far from the vehicle, we headed down to the river.

Panning the camera, while tracking Keegan running down towards the water turned out a pretty good image and a nice sense of movement, while still freezing his motion.

On the drive back home, I saw this view out of the passenger window. The boys were sleeping so I pulled over, rolled down the window and shot it from my driver's seat, out towards the treeline. I love the end of day sun highlights hitting this landscape. A nice way to end our adventure.

Late day sun casting shadows on fence


Dawn said...

Shaun it's great to see you enjoying being an at home dad. Lotta guys out their are not so secure. Little boys need their dad in a big way; the effects last a life time. Great pictures!

G2 said...

Hello Shaun, this is Gail Gould (previously employed by Artists of the World). I check your site monthly, I love the pics of the family. Please come and visit me at Artspace gallery 2nd floor of the Crossroads market. I'm there on weekends. The coffee counter at the market is for sale. I can see you there, it's a great place, I've never had so much fun. All kinds, shapes, colours and personalities. You would fit perfectly and it's only on weekends. Think about it.

Shaun Taylor said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for dropping by again, you must be a sucker for bad blogging. ;-)

Shaun Taylor said...


I dropped you a reply on your blog.