Mar 1, 2007

Sumo fun

Bob and Karri were over a couple of weeks ago. Before they arrived the phone call kind of went like this... "Hey Shaun, how's things, we've been driving around and want to drink some good coffee, can we drop by" "Of course, how long till you get here?" "We'll be there in less than five minutes" "Sounds good, come on down". Hilarious, I mean who hasn't driven around in circles wondering where to get a good coffee.

Anyway, while they were over here, the conversation got on to something I had never heard of "The Sumo Chair" - the what? Turns out they got one as a gift and they love it. Kept talking about how good it was. Bob later in the day sent me a link which is right here and I began the research on "the Omni". It's getting rave reviews all over the Web. I figured they would be great for the boys, particularly since I cringe every time I see Keegan get in the "goofy little chair" from Ikea (or wherever) and 9 times out of 10 he tips over and bangs his head. Well, the chairs arrived yesterday and... they rock! When the FedEx truck showed up in front of the house I happened to be sitting in the study and the first thing I see is a box fly out the back of the truck and roll in the snow into the middle of the road. The FedEx guy gets out to shove it towards the sidewalk and looks up to see me sitting down and staring at the show. The next box to come out was carried (Calgary - desperately in need of a larger labour force, so generally any employee can do what they want and if that's a problem they can just go across the street and work for the competitor). He chucked them up on the front porch and off he went. The boxes looked like that wasn't the only beating they got from FedEx. Still, all that counts is things were ok on the inside. The boys got pretty excited and here's a fun shot of Keegan running around with multiple "Yay's" though at this point he has no idea why. Upstairs they went and the boys started playing. As you can see, Evan started off by just running over them...

he then worked his way up to running and trying to clear one of the Omni's. And finally, and certainly not prompted by me, he decided to start Superman-ing it. We built all kind of shapes and sizes, boats and tunnels, different kinds of chairs, you name it. They are a kids dream chair. I think they are super comfortable and wouldn't mind having my own, I understand why they are getting good press. Best thing is, Keegan can now reduce the number of "goofy little chair" head bumps.


bobbyk said...

glad you like the sumos... i believe the recommendation is deserving of one shot of espresso, plus a latte. no, two lattes. like the mid-air photo of evan and really like the low-angle view of keegan in swing.

Shaun Taylor said...

It would be my pleasure to serve the Sumo-King! Name the day and time, anything more than three minutes notice is excess. ;-)