Doreen cracked open the kid-friendly paint last night so the boys could do some art for Grandpa; who is coming down tomorrow for Keegan's b-day party. Coincidentally it's grandpa's b-day party as well. Hope we have enough ice cream cake for him. ;-)

An artist needs a lot of paint if they are painting for grandpa, if they are going to create a masterpiece. Green is the in colour, oh and so is blue, and red...

I think we have a couple of pieces still available. They are reasonably priced and if you don't want to do the deal in cash, we will take good quality green coffee beans in trade (with associated traceable point of origin proof).

Green bowl
Big tableEvan's hand
Balancing bowl

Doreen just mentioned "It's time to clean up".
Keegan looking up

Keegan got a chance to point out his favorite painting just before the art gallery closed up for the night. ;-)
Keegan pointingFace cleaning


Anonymous said...

Be careful with the art pricepoint. Grandparents and parents are probably the only ones who deem this art 'priceless'. love Grandma D

Dawn said...

Ah good ol' finger painting. We usually just strip the kids down to their paints; saves on stained shirts, but does however require more body scrubbing in the tub later. Some of our most cherished art pieces are framed bits the kids produced in the World Famous Gutek Art Studio. (well, not really world famous...)

Shaun Taylor said...

One dollar, do I hear a dollar, anyone have a dollar, do I hear two... ;-)