Bowl-o-rama. Keegan couldn't get enough of it. No ball was safe.

Keegan bending3326

Yesterday evening we went bowling, sponsored by Fluor as a family event. The boys have never been bowling before and though Keegan didn't really understand the bowling concept he knew that he personally was responsible for setting a new bowling record by getting as many balls downrange as he could all at the same time.

Keegan turning3354

Essentially he ran from ball to ball on random lanes and tossed the ball as best as he could and then with barely a glance would move on to the next ball. Occasionally he would stop, point down the lane and yell "Pins" or do a little jump and yell "Yay", then it was on to the next available ball. He was a ball-fiend.

Keegan pins3327

Here's Keegan about to infiltrate another lane.

Kevin and kids3323

Doreen was keen to pass on the finer points of Bowling 101 and though it might be hard to tell from this image, Evan's finished delivery stance is an official bowling style. ;-)

Three bowlers3349

If you look closely enough you will see that Evan's ball is still in the air, hmmmm, wonder what management thought about that?

Evan bouncing ball3357

Sorry about the lighting on the images, all the shots were taken during the "Blacklight bowling" which meant it was really dark at the pin end and lit up with a bit of blacklight and really quite dim at the bowler end. I ended up using the SB-600 Speedlight in manual mode the whole time switching between 1/4 to 1/2 power and a zoom head setting anywhere from 24mm to 85mm. The D200 was in manual mode with the shutter dialed anywhere from 1 second all the way up to 1/30th of a second. Tough in kneeling hand-held positions but a fun challenge.