Apr 21, 2007

Easter cupcakes

Evan decorating cupcake2917
That's right, more missing images. Here's some bonus Easter events and as the story goes I'm told there's such a thing as Easter Cupcakes? New to me but then I grew up on "Hot Cross Buns" so maybe Easter Cupcakes are an Alberta thing??

One look at this next image of Keegan and you can see Betty Crocker is pretty happy about the Cupcake concept; unfortunately Betty Crocker wasn't here to face the sugar-spike aftermath. Whenever we would give Keegan a few seconds to himself instead of decorating he would be digging in to the icing sugar and carving out huge shovel-fulls of sugar headquarters. Have you ever read the ingredients in that stuff, yikes! If I could have called Betty Crocker on her phone I would have, all night long, so she could listen to Keegan bounce off the walls.

Keegan and icing sugar2908