Apr 21, 2007

Easter egg hunt

Boys getting eggs2954The boys woke up pretty excited as they were wondering what the Easter Bunny might have been up to while they were sleeping. Doreen had stashed jelly beans and little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs all over the house. It was fun to watch them running around excitedly looking for miniature treats.

They worked pretty well together, no real scrapping over who could get the most jelly beans or what have you, in fact they were sharing the stash evenly; wonder when that's going to change?

They got to eat some of the jelly beans and one of the biggish chocolate eggs and then the excess got stashed in the cupboard for treats when it's well deserved and at the current rate of treat-handouts we might get a couple of months out of the pile. Maybe I'm a treat-miser? ;-)

Line of jellybeans2968Evan opening big egg2990