Apr 10, 2007

Good bean - bad bean

Here's an image of some Ethiopian Sidamo I roasted up to take down to St George, Utah. It was lovely and suprisingly it made for a great iced coffee straight off the Aeropress. That iced Sidamo could possibly be the best mug I had during our time there. Full of explosive fruit, depth and character. I took three different roast blends down with me so as to be protected from the typical nasty swill that gets served up in most cafe's.

Oromia greens2539

Foolishly I did order a coffee in a local establishment. Charles took a photo of me drinking a coffee from a coffee shop called Cafe' Sola in Zion National Park just after we rode Slickrock Swamp. If I get the photo from him I will post it up. Horrendous is the only thing that comes to mind. When we went into the cafe I eyeballed the espresso beans in the grinder hopper and figured I would take a pass on that. So the next question was how fresh is the coffee in the brewpot, the girl behind the counter said she would make a fresh pot, ooooohhh, how lucky are we. I actually started to feel the love. I paid for my coffee and stepped aside for Charles to order, only to watch her grab a huge Tupperware container of pre-ground coffee from under the cash register, whereupon she scooped out a couple of cups full into the brewer and started the brewing process - uugh! I couldn't believe the first sip, it was just, so, nasty. I tried to give it a chance, I really did but it just got worse - till it became painful to sip.