Charles sent me over some of his photos from our mountain biking trip to St George. It made me relive some of the classic moments in the desert and there were some classics. It would be great to head down there again and do some more riding that's for sure.

Here's a shot immediately after our first ride in St George. We were riding in the area located directly behind me and it was so windy that day that we were getting blown off the trail. If you got off the bike it was actually hard to stand in one spot, the gusts were incredibly strong but we were there to ride and riding was good.


I mentioned in an earlier post that we ate a lot of Mexican food, by a lot I mean pretty much every single meal. Here's where we turned local, Alberto's is awesomely good and cheap Mexican food, 24 hour drive-through and a no-frills attitude. Perfect.


One day, while we were getting ready to head out, Charles saw this fairly large spider crawling across the carpet of our hotel room. While he was trying to get a photo of it and I was trying to herd it the sneaky little thing jumped under his bed and the last we saw it had disappeared under his blankets. Nice! That makes for a restful sleep.


One of the great rides we did was Gooseberry Mesa, you get schweet technical slickrock and fast rolling lines, you also get incredible scenery - not to be taken for granted.

Standing on rock070331_04

We were only about 10mins into the start of the Gooseberry ride when we bumped into this steep and technical wall. It was pretty tough and I blew my first attempt at it but managed it on the second attempt. There were other areas that were just as fun and challenging as this pitch.

Tricky wall070331_01

Here's an example of the views from the top of Gooseberry Mesa.

View from top of Gooseberry Mesa0703311_12

Here we are, post-ride at the Gooseberry trailhead. After a few hours of riding and having so much fun I would have gladly hopped back on my bike to do it again.

Gooseberry Mesa sign070331_14

I just have to include this photo, taken after we had finished a ride at Slickrock Swamp out in Zion National park. I mentioned this coffee in a previous post, this iced coffee was so freakin' bad I was stunned.

Bad coffee070401_06

Ok, enough of the time machine, here in Calgary the weather is starting to cooperate on occasion. Yesterday it was warm enough (I started riding at 1 degree Celsius, whine, whine, moan) to ride out to my buddy Shawn's place so we could ride out to Elbow Falls together. That made for a 100km ride which was a bonus. We met out families at the Falls and I did a high five with Doreen so she could jump on her bike and ride back to town for 65kms, good job honey. The temps are good today so I'm gonna throw the boys in the Chariot and tow them around for two or three hours. Lovely!


Brian Schwarz said...

Hey Shaun,
Sounds like you're having a blast. I love the family pics! A bit of a change from the last time I talked to you.
My son and I are heading to Okanagan Falls this summer. We have a stop over in Calgary...makes me wish I booked more time.
Take Care,

Brian Schwarz

Shaun Taylor said...

Brian, how the heck did you stumble across my goofy little blog?